What Next After School?

What next after school

What Next After School?
 provides a full explanation of the options for school-leavers – from choosing a university course or vocational qualification, to the advantanges of taking a gap year and the world of employment.

What Next After School? is now firmly established as the book for students who are weighing up the options available to them. For anyone needing help and ideas in making key decisions about their future, this essential book has a wealth of practical, up-to-date information on all the issues that need to be considered. Comprehensive and approachable, it covers everything, from deciding which university to go for, to writing a CV, studying abroad and managing cash flow. Full of expert tips, contact details, sources of further information and action points, it also features case studies of students and how they have adapted to life after school.

Recognized as the post-school bible, What Next After School? is a must-have for anyone facing this daunting yet exciting time.

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