Elizabeth runs creative and bespoke workshops, carefully matched to the needs of participants, on a range of themes including well-being, creative writing and personal development. Workshops can be of any duration (an hour, a morning or afternoon, a day or longer!) and have an emphasis on finding pleasure in learning and the development of our inherent skills and talents.

Recent workshops run by Elizabeth have been on a wide variety of topics including:

      • Understanding self-harm
      • Developing teachers’ work-life balance
      • Understanding learning
      • Supervision and well-being for teachers
      • Promoting the emotional health and well-being of looked after children
      • Using creative writing as a therapeutic tool
      • Early Professional Development for teachers
      • Reforming young people’s attitudes to physical health and well-being
      • Engaging parents in children’s learning
      • Creative writing for beginners
      • Well-being at work

If you would like to discuss your workshop needs with Elizabeth, you can contact her here.